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Hope Springs Counseling,  LLC
127 1/2 North Broad Street,  Suite 3
Monroe,  Georgia 30655

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Contact Information

Sherie Malcom, Ph.D., LPC, NCC, CAMS
(678) 635-3136
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  • Ph.D. in Counselor Education and Supervision, Regent University, CACREP Accredited, 4.0 GPA
  • Master of Science in Professional Counseling, Georgia State University (1998)
  • Nationally Certified Counselor (2005)
  • Licensed Associate Professional Counselor (Georgia, 2009)
  • Licensed Professional Counselor (Georgia, 2013)
  • Certified Professional Counselor Supervisor (Georgia, 2016)
Professional Organizations
  • American Counselor Association
  • Association for Counselor Education and Supervision
  • Licensed Professional Counselor’s Association-Georgia
  • National Board of Certified Counselors
  • American Association of Christian Counselors
Experience I have been practicing as a Professional Counselor for 12 years.  During those years, many of my experiences came in the form of volunteer work for my church in our biblical guidance counseling department and other various ministries.  For the past 6 years, I have conducted individual, couple, and group therapy both on a volunteer basis and professionally.  In addition to my counseling experience, I also have led training workshops and offered seminars in local churches.  The training opportunities were designed to enhance the skills of lay counselors and small group leaders.  I personally designed all of my training and seminar curriculums and delivered the trainings on a monthly basis.  Topic areas include Anger Management, Boundaries, Confidentiality, Knowing When to Refer, Ethical Responsibility, Effective Group Management, Boundaries in the Church.  The supervision portion of my experience includes supervising small group leaders who work with teenagers, as well as consultation with leaders who work with adults.  My general areas of competence in counseling include working with all age groups, premarital and marital therapy, and anger management issues.  Supervision training was an integral part of my doctoral counseling program at Regent University, and I utilize those skills currently as an Internship Supervisor for Master's level students with Adams State University where I serve as an Adjunct Professor.
Model of Supervision I utilize a developmental model of supervision in which I focus on the individual supervisory needs of my supervisee and implement appropriate learning experiences and training based on their specific developmental needs.  My role in the supervisory experience is to listen effectively to the client cases, provide mentoring and feedback regarding those cases as well as the supervisee’s development as a counselor in training.  The objective of supervision is to provide the opportunity for the counselor in training to develop in their skills, personal and professional identity, and knowledge as a counselor while ensuring client welfare.  The goal of supervision is to provide the supervisee with various training and learning experiences so as to further their counseling skills, theoretical identity, and confidence level in working with varied clients and situations.  The modalities used to assess the supervisee’s abilities will include role play, tape review, live supervision, and individual and small group supervision.

As a Christian counselor, my worldview is impacted by my Christian beliefs and faith.  I believe that individuals are continually seeking a deep meaningful relationship in life that might only be fulfilled through a relationship with Jesus Christ.  In working with clients who are not Christians, I believe that their lives might be improved upon through counseling efforts geared towards reducing and dealing effectively with stressors as well as helping them to discover purpose in life.  I believe, however, that until that deep void is filled through a relationship with Christ, there will be an emptiness present that cannot be met.  I do not, however, believe that it is my job as a therapist to insist on this recognition by the client.  My role is to encourage them to explore their own beliefs regarding spiritual matters and to provide support and education for them as they are growing.   In working with Christian clients, the nature of therapy is to explore the client’s concerns in relationship to their spiritual beliefs and the state of their relationship with God.  I believe that many of client’s distortions in thoughts, behaviors, and feelings are a result of humanity’s sin nature and disconnection from their Creator.  While I view distortions in this manner, I assist clients in working through their perceived problems through establishment of an empathetic, supportive counseling relationship that is based on mutual respect and a nonjudgmental stance.  The nature of the counseling relationship is to be fully present with the client where they are and to offer spiritual encouragement as the client is willing to receive it.
Evaluation Procedures in Supervisory Relationship The nature of the supervisory relationship involves evaluating and providing feedback regarding the supervisee’s quality of work, areas of development opportunity, and adherence to ethical boundaries.  The evaluation procedures involve review of cases through supervisee’s case presentations, review of taped sessions, live supervision, and role play experiences.
Limits and Scope of Confidentiality in the Supervisory Relationship All information that you share regarding clients or personal development will be kept confidential. The exceptions to confidentiality include disclosure of intent to harm self or others, when abuse of children, elderly or disabled persons is suspected, or by court order to release records.


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